The parent company Resinvetro Srl has been operating in the field of bathing equipment since 1980 producing pedal boats, paddle skates, tables for beach umbrellas, canoes and long-distance kayaks, branded QAJAQ and made of fiberglass and on request also in Kevlar/carbon to lighten the boat.

Over the years the production of containers for separate collection was also born, initially built as fiberglass products of small capacities, given the growing demand for bathing establishments that needed a design product but at the same time robust, since sun, saltiness and unrestrained user wear were the order of the day.

Therefore from this initial experience, the Resinvetro company focused more and more on the sector of separate waste collection, establishing the BEEGREEN brand in the year 2004.

“The name Beegreen was given following the invention of the popular Ecoeasy line, which with its circular holes in the side walls, recalls the shape of a stylized bee”

The need to deal with the sector of separate waste collection was born because one of the two owners had seen in it great potential for the future, when this custom was still present in only a few Italian municipalities.

The idea of having to make people aware of this important subject to help the planet is one of our main goals that we treat since production. In fact, our articles use recycled plastic materials for rotational Hdpe and are entirely recyclable at the end of the product’s life cycle.

Currently the Beegreen line has become the core business of the Resinvetro company, which during the last decade has presented numerous separate collection items for both internal and external areas. The entire range of products is available on this site in the products section.