Our bins are made of polyethylene with the ROTATIONAL technique. This printed material provides high impact resistance, aging and fading. The rotation of the plastic working process indicates that the polymer materials can be molded in any form, by a treatment that usually takes place in hot. The base of the polymers can be natural such as wax or the cellulose or synthetic such as nylon.

The rotational plastic has the high degree of resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation. The bins’ covers from 50/65/90 liters with handle and which ones to 105/115/125 liters with circular holes are made of ABS thermoformed and then painted with the best bio-components varnish. The cover of the bins 105/115 / 125 liters with handle are rotationally molded polyethylene.

It is our responsibility to provide, even after a long time of purchase, all of the metal and plastic parts as quickly as possible, in order to not use them cause of damages by vandalism or serious weather events acts.