The T/F collection bin is built in polyethylene with rotational technique.
The top bin is 80 cm. with bottom base of diameter 37 cm. and upper base diameter of 44 cm.

At the base of the container it is bolted to a cement base, having a 42 cm diameter. and weighing kg.20.
The cement base is covered by a polyethylene surface which makes it more pleasing to the eye and allows the positioning of the same, even on high-quality roadways.

The lid of the container is constructed of ABS white methacrylate, with a circular rounded shape for water drainage,
having a 48 cm diameter for a ‘height of 4 cm.
It has a closure which makes it integral with the container via a lock triangle.

At the center of the lid is positioned one anti-intrusion door, with CM loading mouth. 19×19 cm deep. 20.

Emptying takes place by means of a bag, or through a removable plastic inner container.


Features and minimal measures
Container capacity lt. ca 105
cm height from the ground. 91 ca
Cover Dimensions cm. 48 ca
Dimensions cop. Intruder cm. 19×19 prof. 20
Max cover cm depth. 56 ca
Size cm concrete base. 42 ca
Color outside white PVC protection – gray
Total weight kg. 25 ca