The containers are made of polyethylene with the ROTATIONAL technique:
This material, so printed, guarantees great resistance to shock, aging, not discoloration.
The container from lt. 105 cone H. 80 cm. It is made of polyethylene hdpe with the rotational technique, with a base of D. 37 cm. and a higher D. cm. 44.
The lids, however, are made of ABS thermoformed and then dyed with the best bi-component paints.
The lid is locked to the enclosure with a lock, all attached to a concrete base externally covered by a polyethylene structure, making it all the more enjoyable.
Collected version 3 is provided with a structure under the cover, which supports the 3 bags and prevents the refuse from falling into the wrong bag.
By placing 2-3 or 4 containers per side, we can form a mini multi-collector ecological island.

It will be the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide, even at a distance from the time of purchase, all metal and plastic spare parts in the shortest possible time, thus overcoming the use of the object due to damage caused by vandalous acts or severe atmospheric events.
The polyethylene ashtray with stainless steel mouthpiece is secured to the side of the container with 4 stainless steel screws.
It has a capacity of about 400 cigarettes.
Capacity lt. 105
Lid D. cm. 55
Base D. cm. 43
Overall weight ca kg. 30
Total height cm. 107
Depth 65cm
Bag size cm. 70×110