Island composed of 4 bins 105 liters support from a central column hot galvanized 80 mm. diameter fixed on a cross metal base.
The holes on the base allow to fix the 4 bins on it and the structure can be fixed on concrete or asphalt floor.
Each bin is in polyethylene built with rotation way, it is 80 cm. high and dimension is 37 cm. diameter on bottom and 44 cm. on the top where is fixed the cover.
This material has high resistance to impacts, aging, fading, corrosion, weathering, UV rays, scratches and it doesn’t suffer bruises.
The bins can have several kinds of cover: with handle, porthole or buttonhole. They can be secure with a lock.
The covers are in thermoformed ABS, colored with the best component paints.
In the column can be insert the flagstaff 3.7 meter high aluminum anodized where the flag is rotating.
We can also provide a inner bin which can replace the plastic bag, this is requested mostly in the heavy collections.
Dimensions: 107×110 H.97 cm.
BeeGreen can always supply all the plastic and metal components
in short time in order to replace them if happen vandalism and serious weather damages.



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