TECHNICAL DATA Item 1370 BIN 50 lt. polyethylene
with bags dispenser and pole D. 8,5 H. 108 cm.

The bin is made of High Density Polyethylene with the rotational technique.
This material is printed in order to guarantees great impact resistance, against aging and discoloration.
It is a rectangular-shaped conical trunk container, the measures at the top is cm. 30×45 and has a height of cm. 60
The lid of the container is constructed of thermoformed ABS and then colored with the best bi-component paints, it has an handle opening.
On the side of the bin is fixed a bag dispenser, built in ABS thermoformed and then painted with the best bi-component paints.
The dispenser is made of two hinged parts, contains no. 350 bags, it has a dimension of mm. 228x445x50 mm.
The bin can be emptied by a plastic bag or an inner container extractable built in rotational hdpe.
The metal support is made of hot galvanized sheet, thickness 15/10.
The bin through its metal support and 2 clamps is blocked to a polypropylene pole mm. 7 thickness diameter 8,5 high mm.1080.
In the base there is a welded flange with 4 holes for fixing it to the ground.


Height from floor cm.120
Width cm. 51
Depth cm. 45
Weight kg. 9.5