The bin for collection medicine is made in polyethylene built in rotation way.
This material has high resistance to impacts, aging, fading, corrosion, weathering, UV rays, scratches and it doesn’t suffer bruises.
The covers are in thermoformed ABS, colored with the best component paints, they are secure with a triangle lock, the access of waste takes place through a intrusion door.
We can also provide a inner bin which can replace the plastic bag, it’s removable and it give total safety in emptying operation especially if syringes with needle are introduced carelessly.
The bin has a ballasted base in polyethylene built in rotation way.

Dimensions: – Capacity about 90 liters – Height 105 cm. – Cover dimension 47×32 cm. – Intrusion door 19×19 H.20 cm. – Base dimension 48×42 cm. – Total weight 9,5 kg – Total weight with fill ballasted base about 18/20 kg.
BeeGreen can always supply all the plastic and metal components
in short time in order to replace them if happen vandalism and serious weather damages.